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MP Readers' Choice Awards

MP Readers Choice Awards 2013
   Award Recipients   
Award Recipients
Your 2013 MP Reader's Choice Innovation Award Reciprients
Status Recipient
Award Recipient 1
Innovation Title:  Allegro Field Data PC & Radio Frequency ID Technology
Nominee's Name:  Steve Hamblin
Organization:  American Innovations
Brief Innovation Summary:  Radio Frequency ID (RFID) is ...
Comments: (8)

Award Recipient 2
Innovation Title:  Capturx Pipeline Solutions
Nominee's Name:  Ted Gauld
Organization:  Adapx
Brief Innovation Summary:  More and more advanced technologies ...
Comments: (0)

Award Recipient 3
Innovation Title:  Coatings Calculator
Nominee's Name:  CoatingsCalculator.com
Organization:  CoatingsCalculator.com
Brief Innovation Summary:  CoatingsCalculator.com is a suite of ...
Comments: (9)

Award Recipient 4
Innovation Title:  CorrSim Junior
Nominee's Name:  Isabel Manalac
Organization:  MVE Systems, Inc.
Brief Innovation Summary:  CorrSim Junior is an arcade-simulation ...
Comments: (0)

Award Recipient 5
Innovation Title:  Engineering Research Data Management
Nominee's Name:  Isabel Manalac
Organization:  MVE Systems, Inc.
Brief Innovation Summary:  The Engineering Research Data Management ...
Comments: (0)

Award Recipient 6
Innovation Title:  Flange Rescue Gasket (FRG)
Nominee's Name:  Russ Currie
Organization:  Flexitallic Ltd
Brief Innovation Summary:  Flexitallic launched a solution to ...
Comments: (2)

Award Recipient 7
Innovation Title:  Oxidation free pure aluminum coatings
Nominee's Name:  John O'keefe
Organization:  MSP LLC
Brief Innovation Summary:  Metalizing, sprayed metals, is a ...
Comments: (9)

Award Recipient 8
Innovation Title:  PTC Emitters
Nominee's Name:  Boris Miksic
Organization:  Cortec Corporation
Brief Innovation Summary:  Cortec PTC Emitters contain Migrating ...
Comments: (6)

Award Recipient 9
Innovation Title:  TruQC
Nominee's Name:  Ross Boyd
Organization:  TruQC
Brief Innovation Summary:  TruQC offers cloud-based job-site documentation ...
Comments: (0)

Award Recipient 10
Innovation Title:  Universal Learning Application
Nominee's Name:  Isabel Manalac
Organization:  MVE Systems Inc.
Brief Innovation Summary:  The Universal Learning Application is ...
Comments: (0)


2013 MP Readers' Choice Awards

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