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Corrosion In Motion Contest 2015
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The NACE Corrosion in Motion Video Contest is a global video competition encouraging high school and college students to educate others about the issues of corrosion and how it affects today’s society.

The Challenge
Create a 4-minute video that shows the effects of corrosion in either entry category: general corrosion or corrosion of bridges.

Video should include a brief introduction, a description of its structural composition, a description or listing of corrosion control techniques used to maintain the structure, and a description accompanied by a visual representation of what would happen to the bridge or subject if it was never protected from corrosion, if it was not properly protected from the effects of corrosion, or if corrosion control efforts were stopped.

Videos should emphasize one or more of the following:
  • • Ways that corrosion impacts our lives
  • • Effects on material composition, environment, and location
  • • Safety awareness
  • • New technologies and methods

Individuals or teams may submit videos no more than 4 minutes in length. Winner’s video will be featured at NACE International’s annual conference, CORROSION 2015, in Dallas, Texas, USA.

What can I win?

Money for college. Check out the money you could win!

    General Corrosion Category 

     Corrosion of Bridges Category

    1. First place wins $3,000 USD
    2. Second place wins $2,000 USD
    3. Third place wins $1,500 USD
    1. First place wins $3,000 USD
    2. Second place wins $2,000 USD
    3. Third place wins $1,500 USD

    How do I enter?

    To enter, you must be registered to upload your video. Once you are registered and logged in click on the "Submit Video" tab. A completed contest entry form must also be submitted when the video is uploaded prior to the entry deadline.

    If it is a group submission, one member of the group must be designated as the primary entrant. The primary entrant is required to list his/her information on the submission form. Entrants will be asked to review and accept contest rules.

    What is the deadline?

    June 1 – December 31, 2014
    Video entries accepted online

    January 1-15, 2015
    Online voting open to the public

    January 22, 2015
    Winners announced


    NACE Corrosion in Motion Student Competition 2014

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