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Corrosion In Motion

Corrosion In Motion Contest 2015
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Video Name:  Corrosion in Motion
Description:  Bridges are a great advancement. ...
Public Name:  JMerriman
Comments: (2)
Video Name:  Ph7 Corrosion of the Soul
Description:  The corrosion project adequately displays ...
Public Name:  Kyle
Comments: (0)
Video Name:  The silent destroyer
Description:  in this video I explained ...
Public Name:  yousif
Comments: (57)
Video Name:  Corrosion In (Stop) Motion
Description:  This video was created using ...
Public Name:  Rachel
Comments: (4)
Video Name:  The Damaging Effect of Corrosion on Bridges
Description:  The video demonstrates the damaging ...
Public Name:  Luke
Comments: (2)
Video Name:  Washington Crossing Bridge Corrosion
Description:  This video is about the ...
Public Name:  MelanieF
Comments: (0)
Video Name:  Ocean Bridge Corrosion!
Description:  According to the U.S. Department ...
Public Name:  johnk
Comments: (2)
Video Name:  The Bridge oof Zadar
Description:  The video about Bridge of ...
Public Name:  noCrus
Comments: (2)
Video Name:  Corrosion Around the House
Description:  What corrosion is and what ...
Public Name:  JosephN
Comments: (1)
Video Name:  Corrosion in Headlines
Description:  I explore the possible effects ...
Public Name:  AbbyW
Comments: (35)
Video Name:  Starships, Bridges, and stainless Fridges
Description:  A concise description of galvanic ...
Public Name:  squrlworks
Comments: (11)
Video Name:  Mechanism of the Beast
Description:  General Corrosion submission
Public Name:  SeaNolan
Comments: (1)
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NACE Corrosion in Motion Student Competition 2014

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